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A Jack Sullivan Mystery

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​Meet Jack, a former merchant marine turned historian for hire. Not your typical sleuth, he employs his knowledge of historical research to solve some incredible mysteries. More titles coming soon

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Cleveland is a city that knows how to keep its secrets. Through years of diligent research, these mysteries now come to light. New projects are always in the works. Check back for regular updates.

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Haunted Put-in-Bay  by William G. Krejci.

Behind Put-in-Bay's breathtaking scenery and wild nightlife is a side of the island that will make you hair stand on end. Passersby claim to see the ghost of assistant lighthouse keeper Sam Anderson, who jumped to his death in the turbulent water of Lake Erie during an 1898 smallpox outbreak. Doors open and close of their own accord and some say a spirit named Benny tosses things around at the Put-in-Bay Brewery and Distillery. Stage actor T.B. Alexander married the granddaughter of famous abolitionist John Brown and became one of the island's most noted mayors. His ghost is said to linger in the historic barroom of T&J's Smokehouse.

These stories and more await you on this ghostly tour of Put-in-Bay.

Haunted Franklin Castle  by William G. Krejci and John W. Myers.

For more than half a century, the Franklin Castle's dark façade has lured curiosity seekers from around the world. Behind its iron gates, this Victorian-era structure harbors rumors of everything from insanity to mass murder. Disembodied voices echo from empty rooms, doors open and close of their own accord and cold spots drift about the manse. Witnesses swear to sightings of a woman in black and a young girl in white, believed to be the ghostly apparitions of the wife and daughter of the original owner, Hannes Tiedemann.

Using previously unpublished photographs, interviews, family accounts, floor plans and nearly forty years of research, authors William G. Krejci and John W. Myers finally reveal the true and definitive history of Cleveland’s notorious Franklin Castle.

Haunted Franklin Castle

by William G. Krejci and John W. Myers

Haunted America Series

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