Haunted Put-in-Bay

Haunted America Series

In The Cold, Cradled Ground

A Jack Sullivan Mystery

Buried Beneath Cleveland

Lost Cemeteries of Cuyahoga County

Steward of the Isle

A Jack Sullivan Mystery

Haunted Franklin Castle

by William G. Krejci and John W. Myers

Haunted America Series


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A Jack Sullivan Mystery

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Coming in October 2019:

Ghosts and Legends of Northern Ohio

Join author William G. Krejci as he guides you on a ghostly journey through the most chilling urban legends of Northern Ohio. Wander among the gravestones of the notorious haunted cemeteries, some of which are rumored to hold the remains of executed witches. Pull up a stool and have a drink or spend the night at one of Ohio's most notorious haunted taverns and lodgings. The tragic tale of Gore-Orphanage has thrilled area youths for decades. For the first time ever, the complete and true story of this site-specific haunting will be told.

Hauntings, ghostly tales, and urban myths - some well known and some forgotten for over a century - will be shared in this tell-all tome of Northern Ohio's most celebrated legends. Some stories will be debunked. Some long standing mysteries will be solved. Some new mysteries will come to light.